Board Training

Having served as a corporate director, as a CEO who reported to a nine-member board of directors, and having advised and reported to numerous boards concerning commercial real estate investments, Carlton Smith has the experience of working effectively with boards to achieve management objectives in real estate.

Management Briefs

Making decisions on real estate acquisitions or sales are made easier with briefs prepared by Carlton Smith who provides concise explanations of how such transactions meet corporate investment goals and objectives.

Policy Development

Corporations with active and engaged boards of directors need clearly stated goals and objectives, an exercise Carlton Smith has successfully conducted with several boards.

Acquisition Strategies

What, where and when to buy are the basics in real estate investment strategies. Carlton Smith has the experience, not just as a Broker, but also as an investor during his tenure as a corporate CEO.

Portfolio Management Concepts

Carlton Smith has managed portfolio investments for companies he has run, and is presently serving on a board of trustees that oversees long-term investments. He can clearly articulate real estate investment theory, from the basics to the complex, with a full range of options.